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How To Section: Installation of car audio tips and how to guides.
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With Easy to follow Online directions from you can save big money on doing your stereo install yourself.
Hundreds of thousands of people who never thought they could install car stereo equipment have accomplished it.

Mobile Emotions is going to take you step-by-step through removing your factory radio and installing your new receiver, speakers and antenna.
When you buy your stereo equipment from us, you will receive directions included w/ Car Head Unit, wire harness and Dash Install kit (if one is needed for your vehicle). We do recommend buying a wire harness for your car. It saves you time by not having cut wires, and is easy as matching colors. Added bonuses also are that when you are ready to sell your vehicle or return your lease you don't void the manufactures warranty., and you can take your new and expensive radio out and replace the stock in a snap.

If we don't have a wire harness or dash kit for your vehicle please call us because it could be new or just not on our website yet.
This is both a basic first time instruction list for both beginners and novices.  For beginners or seasoned professional installers who want to go beyond a basic factory-replacement job. If you're interested in power amplifiers, subwoofers and component speakers, you'll find plenty of great tips.
No matter what kind of project you're planning, observe a few common-sense guidelines, and you'll sidestep potential problems:
Read all the instructions first
Before you start taking your car apart, make sure you have all of the parts and tools you need
Protect your car and your equipment by disconnecting the negative battery cable before

Quick Helpful Hints:

  •  Drape an old blanket over the seats to protect your upholstery, and don't carry tools in your pants pockets
  •  Allow plenty of time - When in doubt, reread the instructions
  •  Go easy don't force things! 
    In-dash Receiver
    The first step is to connect your free custom wiring harness to the wires coming out of the receiver. If your receiver has wires with "bullet" connectors, you can simply plug the speaker wires together. You'll need to crimp or solder the receiver's power and ground wires to the harness (and the speaker wires, too, if your receiver doesn't have bullets). Please don't simply twist and tape the wires together. You don't want them to come loose behind your dash! - Crossing wires can cause serious damage to your expensive audio gear and even cause fire.
    Connecting your new receiver's wiring to one of our custom wiring harnesses is one task you can do at your kitchen table or workbench.
    The easiest way to connect these wires is to crimp them together, using crimp caps. You can get them in a crimping kit from us or buy them from a hardware or auto parts store. Most of the time if you ask we will just toss in a few with purchase.
    Make sure the connector is designed for the gauge of wire you're using. (The wires in a car stereo harness are typically 18 gauge.) Use a crimping tool, not pliers, to attach them.
    To splice and solder wires, strip the plastic insulation back about 1" on each wire. Slip a piece of heat-shrink tubing over one wire. Place the two wires parallel but pointing in opposite directions.
    Wrap the bare wires around each other. Heat the wire with your soldering iron, then apply some solder. Finally, slide the heat-shrink tubing over the splice and heat it. A heat gun is the best tool to use to heat the shrink tubing, but a lighter can also do the same trick also.
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